Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar Powered Water Pumps, versatile water pumping

Solar powered water pumps have a myriad of uses. They are used to great success in garden ponds, bird baths and fountains. You can also use them to pump well water in locations that are not relatively easy to access otherwise. In fact, solar pumps are becoming one of the favored means for pumping water easily and at minimum cost. Windmills, which are still used to this day in some locations, are slowly being replaced for the more favorable solar pumps.

One of the perks that solar pumps offer is that they have no running cost whatsoever. Other pumps are powered by gasoline or electricity but the sun is still free. Because solar powered water pumps run strictly on the sun that makes them totally safe to the environment. There is no fuel or electricity consumption to worry about and they cause no toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Instead of working toward global warming solar pumps actually help to prevent it!

Solar Powered Water Pumps generally fall into two categories

They are either surface pumps or submersible pumps. Surface pumps move water from one place to another and some are capable of high pressure while others are intended for moving large volumes of water at low pressure.
Submersible solar powered water pumps are usually used for pumping water from wells, and are designed to be installed inside the well casing in a drilled opening.

Solar pumps have stand-alone solar panels which can be placed away from the pump. The solar panels are placed on brackets and mounting system allowing precise positioning for optimal sun exposure. As long as the sun is up the solar pump will work by taking directly its power needs from the solar panels. If you need your solar pump to operate during the night and overcast days, than a backup battery set-up is necessary. In this case the solar panels coupled to a charger/controller charge the batteries.

Here some of the numerous advantages of using solar powered water pumps and why they are definitely the choice you cannot overlook:

  • When you have a job that needs to be done that involves water pumping and you are stuck trying to work in an environment that does not make working with electrical water pumps all that effective.
  • You do not have the means to load up the hefty machines normally associated with water pumps that take gas or diesel as a fuel source.
  • You may be environmentally conscious and have made the decision to not further pollute the environment, promote the destruction of the ozone layer or waste electricity.

What is more impressive is how these solar pumps do not cost much money and in the end will be saving you a lot of cash. There are no resources to replenish and the sun’s energy is free so why waste your time, money and the environment to buy a huge gas or electrical water pump when solar powered water pumps are so effective? There is no reason.

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