Solar Garden Fountains

Solar Garden Fountains bring life to your garden

Solar garden fountains are becoming quite popular. You may have thought of adding the beauty of a fountain or pond fountain to your garden or patio. After all, the gorgeous beauty and soothing sounds of gurgling water is enough to invite anyone to sit down and relax. However, many find the process of setting up an electrical source daunting, if not impossible. So, why hire and electrician, or try to figure out how to connect to a power source? Why not, instead, simply go solar? After all, they are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and they simply power themselves using a free, readily available power source, the sun.

Solar Garden Fountains offer a cost efficient solution

Solar fountains can range in price from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on size, availability, and set up costs. You can even make your own fountain or pond and set up your own solar powered system. All you need are some separately purchased components: Solar panels, a few wires, and a battery storage system. Some fountains come readily installed to use. It is so easy to buy a solar powered system to convert your current pond to solar power.

If you have a shady or indoor location for your pond or fountain, you may want to consider buying a separate kit. Then, you can be free to place the fountain anywhere. And you can still place the panels in a sunny spot to soak up all those bright rays. If you want to insure your fountain runs on cloudy days or at night, make sure it has a power storage system. Having a back up power storage system will ensure that it will run continuously, even during the night if you wish. This is usually better on the pump and system.

Solar garden fountains usually have the added benefit of being extremely reliable. If water gets into the panels, it usually does not affect the solar system. And, if there is a power outage the system stays running. Other added benefits of solar power include its safety. You will never have to worry about children or pets being electrocuted.

Installing your solar pump

Setting up a solar powered system is easy, just set up the pond, or fountain as instructed, angle the panels into direct sunlight, add water, and you are ready to go. If you have an all in one kit, they usually have all the instructions and parts needed to get up and running. If you have the two purchased separately, generally it’s only a matter of finding a good home for the panels to be anchored and linking it to the fountain. Some solar garden fountains merely need to be unwrapped.

Caring for your pond is as easy as a quick cleaning every now and then. Some kits even include a solution to keep out the algae. The solar panels should be wiped down regularly, to make sure they get adequate sunlight. If anything goes wrong, which would be very rare, solar powered systems are easier to fix than those electrically powered ones.

Enjoying your solar fountain

After you have pulled your selected solar fountain from its packaging and found it a good home, there is not usually much else to do besides sit back and enjoying your prize. Solar garden fountains take care of the rest. You can expect to have years of enjoyment from your fountain, without all the hassle of a traditional electrically powered setup. They are like pre-potted plants “Just add water.”

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