Solar Fountain Bird Baths

Solar Fountain Bird Baths

Now, solar fountain bird baths make it even easier to give your feathered friends a drink or a splash in the sun. Solar bird baths combine a concern for nature with a respect for energy. These birdbaths cleverly harness the power of the sun, which is then used as the energy source to run a pump and a sometime a heater. With such models, the water doesn’t freeze in the winter, and it is constantly circulated to prevent mold or algae from forming.

How Does Solar Fountain Bird Baths Work?

The principle behind solar fountains is basic. They have solar panels, also known as solar cells, which collect the sun’s energy. This becomes the power to run a heating element or a pump in the birdbath. Solar powered fountains come ready to assemble. The main consideration is placing the bird bath in a sunny location to take maximum advantage of the sun’s rays. The pump is located in the pedestal base and is easily put together. If your solar bird bath also has a heating element, there will be a solar panel in the bottom of the water bowl. Once you decide on the birdbath’s location and set it up, there is little else to do, except enjoy the flurry of birds that will come to your yard.

Advantages of a solar fountain

With today’s focus on rising energy prices, owning a solar fountain birdbath is a great investment. The fountain aspect of the birdbath provides a cleansing and continuous cycling of the water, without you having to spend any money on electricity. Having a source of clean water is vital to attract the many varieties of birds to your yard. The pump’s action also keeps the water from stagnating, which deters mosquitoes from using it as a breeding ground. The addition of a heating element is an act of kindness that will be appreciated by birds during the winter when other sources of water are frozen. The solar panels in the bowl of the fountain are very efficient, warming the water even on the coldest of days.

Although the initial price of solar powered fountain bird baths is higher than the traditionally powered ones, you ultimately save money. Besides saving electricity, you will enjoy a quicker installation process, thereby saving you time as well. Additionally, there are no complicated electrical connections to make or cords to worry about. The solar bird bath practically runs itself.

Any garden or yard area will benefit from a solar birdbath. They come in many attractive designs, and are made from various materials, like concrete, marble, metal or copper. They are definitely a step-up from a regular birdbath, as they offer the relaxing trickle of water. By using the power from the sun, these birdbaths seem to “fit” better in the garden as they take the energy from nature and turn it into something useful for the wildlife. Solar fountain bird baths are efficient and energy-friendly. Both you and the birds will benefit from one.

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