Solar Bird Baths

Solar Bird Baths, wonderful outdoor décor

Solar bird baths can bring serenity to a garden owner as well as happiness to the birds that use them. Birds love to splash in fresh clean water, so keeping your bird bath water clean with circulating water is very important if you want your feathered friends to continue to return. However, the energy costs of running a pump continuously can be prohibitive.
The solution to high energy costs is really a very simple one; use solar powered bird baths. Just set the bird bath in a sunny location in your garden or yard and fill it with water. Not only do you not have to see messy cords running across your lawn that you have to roll up when you mow the lawn.
Solar bird baths can also have a heating element that works even in the winter time providing essential water to birds where other bird baths are frozen over or stored away for the winter.
All birds want a safe sanctuary to clean up, drink, and hang out with other birds. By presenting clean, unsoiled water to birds, you are offering a place for them to come, as well as providing yourself some entertainment.

The following tips will also help to ensure that birds flock to your bird bath:

  • Shallow Water. The level of water cannot be too deep. Actually, you want it to be no deeper than three inches in the middle, and it needs to be shallower towards the edges. Birds have a preference to ease their way into deeper water.
  • Moving Water. Birds are drawn to murmurs, sprays, and dribbles. To catch the attention of a lot of diverse species of birds, solar bird baths ought to have some kind of a dribble or murmuring sound to tempt them to hang about for a time.
  • Bumpy Bottoms. Birds do not like to lose their footing, so look for birdbaths that have bumpy bottoms, or if you cannot locate one, purchase no-slip stickers for the bottom that give the birds a sense of security.
  • Placement is Essential. Do not place your birdbath near bushes where predators can hide. If your yard has a spot where there is a low lying tree branch, yet provides plenty of sunlight, this is an ideal location as the birds will consider this as a way to escape if they need to.

There are numerous styles of solar bird baths on the market

Finding one to match your style should not be a problem. There are bird baths made of concrete or marble, or a variety of other stone-like substance. There are also some that are made of copper, but these are harder to find but offer a pleasant change of pace. If you do find a copper bird bath, this can add a contrasting style to your existing décor or enhance any copper yard ornamentation that you already have. They come in nearly every shape and size, like a sunflower, a circle, an octagon, or even a roman column. Regardless of what you are thinking of, there is bound to be something to match.
If your yard or garden does not yet have a particular design, why not start out with solar bird baths and let the design flow from there, using the birdbath as the central theme of the area.
Garden owners and birds alike will find great joy in a refreshing solar bird bath. The birds will enjoy splashing and socializing while the people that watch them will be entertained and soothed by the sounds of the birds and birdbath.

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